fuel to the fire

Directed by : Kim Berg & Frank Gårdsø (SIMM core) Director of Photography : Annicken Aasheim

Grade : Kim-Marius H. Olsen

3D model : Michael Vedeler

Editor : Jesper Busch & Frank Aron Gårdsø

Drone photography : Bob Aas Carho & Robin Opgård Actor : Tri Dinh Le

VFX : Kim Berg



We wanted to create a original character that could fight off the evil black mass which emerges from his hideout.

We had an idea for the shape and look of both the Yellow character and the black evil mass.

This was post covid and to our surprise, the final design for the black evil mass looked very much like the corona virus.

- should we keep the design, or should we start all over again? Would people think of our black mass as the corona virus?

We decided to keep it as it was. It could work to our advantage, since is was, sad to say, perfect timing.

As for the Yellow character we wanted to do something simple and effective. This due to multiple reasons, such as budget and time.

Our actor was also willing to shave all his hair off for the part. That made it easier for us when it came to applying the make up. There was no bald cap involved.

The whole story is a fight between good and evil, the light and the darkness, with a kind of Mexican standoff scene for the ultimate battle in the open field.

We also wanted to shoot this in high speed to get a smoother and just a tiny bit slower movement throughout the whole video.