We were very honored to be granted the trust to make LÖV's first music video. We had big ambitions and a great vision. The bar we set for ourselves was very high and the task was even greater. We wanted to create a sci-fi setting in the landscape of such movies like Richard Stanley's Dust Devil and Hardware. Ridley Scott's Blade Runner and George Miller's Mad Max. Add a little touch of Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys and you get Superhuman. Elements of this can be seen throughout the whole video.
Some in the costume design itself and other in the props and lighting.
The video took 6 days to shot with a minimal crew, on 7 different locations.


Directed by: Frank Aron Gårdsø & Kim Berg

Produced by: Kim Berg & Frank Aron Gårdsø

First AD: Kim Rune Gulland

Cinematography by: Kim Berg

First assistant camera: Annicken Aasheim, Kristoffer Aamot & Johan Kuurne
Assistant camera: Ditlev Eidsmo

Gaffer: Jan Vidar Eriksen

Key grip: Astrid Tømmerås Haug & Jesper Busch

Edit by: Frank Aron Gårdsø & Kim Berg

Production Design by: Frank Aron Gårdsø & Kim Berg

Art direction by: Frank Aron Gårdsø

Props by: Vemund Flatla & Frank Aron Gårdsø

VFX by: Kim Berg

Costume design by: Gloria Aúma

Transportation: Kim Rune Gulland, Mercedes Madicken Langvad, Camilla Muu Christensen & Kenny Wong

Thanks: Thomas Lund, Horst Molkenbur, Gavin Chen, Nina Heidenreich, Trine Anderson